Friday, April 26, 2013

Health Care Social Media Buddy Mentoring

We are kicking off with Tweet chat number 2 on " Health Care Social Media Buddy Mentoring" (#hcsmbm)  at 12 CT, Wednesday May 1 st - (11 am MT, 10 am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm GMT, 7pm, CET)
Thank you so much to everyone who hung out with us last week during our brainstorm session. Looking back over the transcript  what jumps out, and to quote @JBBC ," is that this whole idea of developing a buddy mentoring system to help those who are in need of assistance to navigate social media sites for health care information", has really resonated with people and has started a really cool and interesting conversation. 

 @Mdigitalife  tweeted  @Naveen101 and myself a few days ago and said “how do we make this real?” , I think this is where we need to head next. There was a lot of chat last week about the start point for #some mentoring, and we agreed that it does have to be wound all the way back to off line in some cases, as some patients really are pretty much off line. We talked about mentoring up the platforms, for those already on social media but not getting all the benefits. There was a lot of interest in what Facebook – Twitter mentoring might look like. We also asked what about Health care providers? Where is their involvement in all this? There was a lot of agreement that it was a key factor in on boarding more patients to social media.

 There are so many strands to this conversation and so many ways to discuss further how we make it “ real” and help bring more patients in to the social media conversation and all it has to offer them.  Next week we want to take a piece of all of this and keep our objectives for the chat to how can doctors on board more patients? How do we support peer to peer mentoring?

This week’s chat questions come from the awesome @randy_chalfant, he put these together for us and if we share them now we hope some of you can start chewing on them before Wednesday.
Q1.  Everyone’s needs are different. What are the keys to identifying each patient’s needs?
Q2. What guidelines need to be developed to deliver meaningful and individualized support?
Q3. How can we categorize what a doctor and a mentor offer, to match patient’s individual needs?
Q4. How do we track progress and make adjustments when necessary

Hopefully we will start moving up a notch from brainstorming next week, and if you missed last week go check out #hcsmbm so ya can get up to speed before Wednesday. If you get any ideas before Wednesday throw them out and use the hash tag!

Thank you and big thanks to @topsurf @shumilne @JBBC @Naveen101 @randy_chalfant @audreybirt @pedal_india @HenrikeFH @jimcook1 @annemiekeh @lockeym @freshchapter @sfsurvivors @helnoble @allieemore @4breastcancer @cancer2gether @myelomateacher @cmaer @chimoose @mdigitalife

Continued Inspiration from all our awesome #communitys #LSCHAT #BCSM #BCCEU #HCSM - circle of  awesome hashtag community education.


  1. I am excited about the possibilites of this Vanessa and looking forward to our next chat.

  2. I am so glad I found out about this through Marie's Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer. I too am so excited about the possibilities and what a great idea. I look forward to the next chat and hope I can make it in time as I have a dental appointment earlier. I will do everything I can to join in. Thanks Vanessa! xoxox - Susan

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  4. Thank you so much for your comment and suggestion !