Friday, May 24, 2013

Welcoming Clients with Chronic Conditions to Exercise

The IDEA Health and Fitness Association published my letter this month in their Fitness Journal, in it I am talking about simplifying exercise as much as possible to hook people in at the beginning - especially if they have barriers to exercise arising from illness. Here is my letter.

Welcoming Clients With Chronic Conditions to Exercise

I just [completed] a continuing education credit on the IDEA website. [I was offered] a free education product and I picked “Training Strategies for Clients With Chronic Conditions.” This was so good! Quite often people who have had cancer present with diabetes and heart disease, etc. This was such a great overview with suggested ways of dealing with these clients.

I think it is so important that as fitness professionals we do as the instructor in the video suggests: Reduce the barriers to exercise as much as possible for vulnerable populations by not emphasizing anything too prescribed, structured or complicated from the outset. We must encourage and simplify, making it as easy as it can be to hook people into any sort of activity plan. I am going to take more of these courses online now.
Vanessa Reid
Certified Personal Trainer and Breast Cancer Specialist
Nice, France

Whether we have a trainer, a coach or we must teach exercise to ourselves - I would say when in doubt,low on energy and motivation, keep it very simple and remember every bit of movement counts.
( If in pain do consult your Doctor before pushing on with a prescribed exercise program )

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